Innovation is a key characteristic Kiwis are renowned for.  Through constant research and development, we focus on delivering technologies that deliver both form and function for every situation.
Rain Boost

RainBoost® Technology

For a shower as perfect as a good night’s sleep, try the new RainBoost® shower by Greens for a world of difference in your daily showering experience.

RainBoost® shower technology has been specifically designed and developed for varying water pressure conditions.

Engineered to maximise shower flow and coverage out of low pressure water systems down to 10kPa, as well as performing on high water pressure systems.

For unrivalled performance on low pressure or gravity fed systems ensure you combine it with a Greens shower mixer with a low pressure cartridge

Suitable for all pressures
Min 10kPa | Unequal
Min 20kPa | Equal
AirFlo Technology

AirFlo® Technology

Try Greens AirFlo® shower technology for a world of difference in your daily showering.

The AirFlo® shower range uses advanced technology to push air into the water stream to filling the water droplets with tiny bubbles of air to create a wonderful, invigorating spray.

AirFlo® features an adjustable multifunction spray handset with three spray patterns - normal, massage, and combined. It comes in both round (Glint) and square (Swept) designs to match your décor and, better yet, is still water efficient with a 3 Star WELS rating.
FloBoost Technology

FloBOOST® Technology

FloBOOST® Technology is specifically designed and developed for the varying water pressure conditions in New Zealand.

It is designed to maximise the hot water flow to give the best possible result when mixed in a shower.

FloBOOST® shower mixers are suitable for All Pressures:

Min 10kPa | Unequal
Min 20kPa | Equal

So if you have unequal or low pressure that needs a boost, try one of our FloBOOST® shower mixers for a world of difference in your daily showering experience.

Please note that FloBOOST® shower technology is currently only available to purchase in New Zealand.
QL Cartridge Technology

QL Cartridge Technology

Residential water pressure is affected by several influences including the type of hot water system you use, the water supply feeding your home and the height of your residence in a multi-level dwelling. Therefore choosing the right tapware and showers for your home can seem daunting. Greens make it easy with our unique Greens QL Cartridge.
Suitable for installations from 20kPa to 1000kPa

Key Features:

Stainless steel reinforced plate for added strength
Adjustable anti-scald ring, prevents accidental scalding
Non-return valves prevent backflow of cold water
Adjustable flow limiter to conserve water
Large bore inlets for better flow in low pressure
Mesh silencer cone for quieter operation
Brass spindle for improved strength
Greenstyle Safeflow Pressure Equalizing Valve

GREENSTYLE SAFEFLOW Pressure Equalizing Valve

Greenstyle Safeflow Pressure Equalizing Valve (PEV) is designed to supply both hot and cold water at equal pressure regardless of any pressure variation in the incoming supply. The valve equalises the pressure by automatically adjusting the higher hot or cold water pressure to the level of the lower water pressure.

The pressure range of the hot/cold supply must be between a minimum 20kPa to a maximum 1000kPa.

Suitable for use with equal pressure: Shower Mixers | Bath Mixers | Single Lever Mixers | Bidet Mixers.  Will deliver equal pressure supplied to the mixer and maintains temperature of +/- 1°C (regardless of the temperature change).